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Destination & Rhode Island Wedding Photographer specializing in maternity, birth, and boudoir photography

I am so grateful you are here.

I'm an empath all the darn way. I find joy in the smallest things, but I truly believe that life should be spent doing the things you love most with the people you love most. Even as a kid, I was obsessed with capturing moments as they were. There was something so special about capturing a moment you were able to reflect on. I thrive on creating imagery that evokes emotion and speaks to your soul. The real stuff is what I want to photograph. The sacred moments: your laughs, love, and connection. Those unique moments that make you fall even more in love. Not only do I provide you with the photos you want, but I also provide you with photos you didn't even know you needed.

I'm not your average photographer, I won't just show up and shoot. I am committed to getting to know you. By the time your wedding day comes, it will feel like you are being photographed by a friend versus a stranger. I am committed to only taking on a limited amount of weddings and elopements per year so you get the utmost experience. I'm committed to knowing your vision, and helping you through all the details of wedding planning. The whole day you will find me not missing a beat because I'm there to serve you and I thrive in doing so.

If you are looking for a photographer who will appreciate all of the big and small moments, who will make you feel seen and loved, and who truly cares about your love, you've found your match.

Let's tell your story, together and preserve your sacred memories.





I'll be more than just your photographer...

I am your personal hype woman, defender, advocate, confidant, weather stalker, location finder, detail lover, timeline planner, tide stick keeper, tissue holder, dress bustler, dress fixer, bouquet holder, rogue eyelash fixer, tie straightener, lipstick holder, water provider, content creator and much more.

All of this and more I do for you because I love serving.

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movement-based, prompt-focused

Behind the lens, my goal is to capture every moment in a way that is meaningful to you. You won't be forced into awkward poses or forced to follow a pre-planned shot list. Through meaningful prompts, I encourage you to connect naturally, effortlessly, and in a fun way.

In my experience, meaningful prompts often lead to authentic, unplanned moments. Those are the moments I will capture as they unfold without interrupting. You can trust me to always keep in mind what's important to you. The most important thing is what you envision, your story, and not simply how it looks, but how it feels.

With timeless, effortless, and intentional imagery, I want to show you the real you.



prioritizing your experience over everything

Photography moves the world beneath my feet and fuels my soul. My purpose on this earth is to serve and bring light and love to those I encounter.  

My desire to be a photographer is to freeze moments that evoke emotions, but it goes way deeper than that. 

I value connection, authenticity, positivity, trustworthiness, and joy. I aim to provide a calming presence and a comfortable environment, especially on one of the most important days of your life, and be the person you didn't realize you needed.




deeply in love couples, unique ideas, and empowering others

I find my inspiration from your love story, the unique ideas to personalize your experience, and empowering others to love thyself sensual deep. It is an honor to be creatively inspired by your love story. To shoot in a location that feels like home for your love. 

As far as my photography style it's inspired by these things: 

// connection driven

// emotion seeker

// intentional with your unique experience

// true-to-color - I'll photograph your day as it was 

// movement based, prompt focused

// earthy tones 

If any of this resonates with you and what you're looking for in a wedding photographer, I would honored to join you on one of the biggest adventures of a lifetime! 




the things that make me who I am 

When I am not photographing love, you can find me: 

// chasing love and light with my little one 

// cuddling with Sage (our mainecoon cat)

// prioritizing experiences over things 

// having dance parties

// cooking and baking 

// reading books

// listening to music 

// meditating, doing yoga, or the gym

// drinking a good glass of wine (or a moscow mule)

// binging grey's anatomy 

Regardless of whether or not we have the same beliefs or things in common, I just want to know you are welcome here and I cannot wait to meet you. 






My favorite thing about being a photographer is hearing your vision, documenting it, and bringing it to life as I tell your story through my lens. I love capturing the moments that go unseen, the messy, and the beautiful imperfect photos that you never knew you needed. I thrive on romantic imagery that speaks to your soul. The kind of imagery that not only depicts your essence but also evokes your emotions. I don't want to just get to know you as a client, I want to know you as one of my friends. I want to be the person you laugh with, share stories with, and connect with not only professionally, but personally too.

Love notes from my couples
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I am so happy that I choose Viva to be my wedding photographer! She was super professional, and on time. In my opinion, went above and beyond to make my Wedding day flow flawlessly. She was a breath of fresh air and positivity as she guided us through our day. She will be my family photographer for years to come. She does beautiful work.

Jaime & Kemoye
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Literally S P E E C H L E S S! My whole experience from beginning to end with Dominique has been nothing short of amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and hyped me up so good - that I booked two boudoir photo shoots back to back after loving my very first session! I loved her energy and it literally felt like i was taking photos with one of my best friends! The photos came out so beautiful. I can't recommend her enough , and am looking forward to our next sessions together!