The Healing Power of Boudoir


What do you think about when you hear "boudoir photography?" When one may think of boudoir photography, one thinks of it being sexy, beautiful, risque, fun, and sexy. many wonders if it is for them or wonder why they should do it. viva por ti photography is here to tell you there are plenty of benefits that you may not realize with doing boudoir sessions. The benefits can be boosting your level of confidence, the relationship you have with your body, and can help illiNmate feelings of depression.



Many of my clients come to me after a transformational period in their lives. whether they are on a journey of loving thyself sensual DEEP, just got out of a terrible relationship and THEY'RE taking their power back, getting married, just had their first baby and they're learning to love their postpartum body, or maybe THEY'VE COMPLETED a weight loss journey and they are excited to document their progress.

I've met individuals during different chapters of their lives and each of them have said how healing boudoir can be for them. Whether you discovering yourself or perhaps even re-discovering yourself, boudoir is for you. Feeling sexy doesn't mean you have to show your body, confidence is what is sexy, knowing who you are is sexy, being comfortable in your own skin is sexy, and showing up for yourself is sexy. loving yourself will always be sexier than any piece of lingerie you will ever wear whether for your shoot or at home.

life experiences can often make one defeated or even a little lost. Trauma, grief, heartache, and abuse can strip one from feeling beautiful, sexy, empowered, and comfortable in their own skin. These life experiences can break off little bits of pieces of who we are. Then there comes that time when one is ready to take their power back, to leave, discover themselves again, and slowly rebuild.

I personally learned to love myself through boudoir. After leaving a traumatic relationship, my self-esteem didn't exist, I didn't feel worthy, and I hated my body. When I did my first boudoir session in 2017, i couldn't believe it was me in the images. For my first session since I was insecure about my body i wore a long sleeve off-the-shoulder sweater and high waisted panties to cover all my insecurities. i still couldn't believe the result, in that moment something changed in me. i was in the beginning of discovering myself again, and my healing journey began.

Boudoir gives you an opportunity to share your story, to open your heart, to be vulnerable, to step outside your comfort zone, and transform.

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Not only will your boudoir experience make you rediscover your outer beauty, but it will also shine a light on something you HAVE never seen in yourself before. your experience will rejuvenate you, leave you with a level of confidence you didn't know existed, and fill you with joy. This feeling is something that you take with you after your experience and will not last just the duration of your shoot. A boudoir session is so much more than just your average photoshoot, it is an entire experience and bringing out your vulnerability in a sexy, classy way. It's about the feeling in control, vulnerability, sensuality, confidence, and of course loving thyself sensual deep. The boudoir experience is truly special and unique to each individual.

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You deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, empowered, and amazing. Boudoir is for everyone, and you deserve to invest in yourself and get pampered with high-quality imagery of your experience. The benefits of doing a boudoir session outweigh any doubts, fears or uncertainties you may have about booking one. I can gaurantee this is not something you will regret investing in. some even find it addicting and have become a repeat client.

The feelings you feel during and after your session will have you wanting to come back for more. A boudoir session is a way of loving yourself, investing in you, treating yourself, and a gift to yourself. Boudoir will help you mentally, and emotionally along with changing how you look at yourself physically which is worth way more than the investment of boudoir.

Consider the benefits and what doing a boudoir session could do for you and where you are in your life. If you are ready to take that leap, and see yourself in a new light please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to have a no-obligation consultation with you to hear your story and discuss all the boudoir things.

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