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Couple boudoir photography is imagery featuring the connection between you and your partner. this kind of imagery CAPTURES the intimate, romantic, and sensual chemistry the two you share.


Couples Boudoir is more than just a photo shoot. It helps couples feel closer and get in touch with what they share. Couple Boudoir Photography is about organically letting the romance between you and your partner flow while interjecting minor cues when needed. A couple's boudoir session is all about the intimacy and connection the couple shares in this present time. It's a unique opportunity for couples to celebrate their soulful connection and see their relationship from an artist's eye.

While sometimes, couples boudoir photos can sometimes portray various levels of chemistry and intimacy, I want to make it perfectly clear couples boudoir photography is NOT the same as 'erotic photography'. The main difference is that couple's boudoir sessions are sensual, intimate, romantic, and any kind of foreplay portrayed in the imagery is purely implied; whereas erotic photography focuses primarily on sex and the photography is much more explicit. If you and your partner love the idea of having intimate portraiture taken that celebrates your relationship and highlights the sexual chemistry you share, but without crossing the line of what is considered 'erotic,' then a couples boudoir photo shoot is definitely for you!!!

Reasons to have a couple's boudoir session

You want to capture the intimacy and connection between you and your partner in a sensual way.

It's an amazing date idea. Dinner and the movies is good, but if you want a really killer date idea, a boudoir session is for the two of you.

Boudoir is less intimidating with your partner, doing this session with your partner can make it way less intimidating. Also, seeing the way your partner looks at you can be a great confidence boost!

Increase your affection for one another. With a couple's boudoir session, you get to touch, caress, kiss and flirt. This can spark all sorts of steamy feelings towards one another.

Your session can be as steamy or as tamed as you want. Some couples feel most sexy in a pair of jeans and a bralette or some couples are ready to go full nude while other's may be more modest. It's all up to you and your partner. You both set the tone of your session. Couples Boudoir Photography is for everyone. If you want to celebrate your love and your deep, intimate connection with your partner, this is a great way to do just that. It truly is so much more than just being sexy or intimate. Many couples who come in for their session are naturally nervous and shy. Together, you overcome the anxiety, focusing on one another, and enjoying the moment. There will be plenty of laughs too!!!

Reasons to have a couple's boudoir session

Couples Boudoir Photography is fun. Many people are afraid that their session is going to be awkward, but most couples end up having so much fun during their session. Remember - your session can be as risque or innocent as you want.

You'll feel more comfortable in your skin. Perhaps the best reason to book a couples boudoir session is to help you both feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Nothing beats the experience of having a photographer take your photos. Everything from the lighting to the setting and poses will look professional.

Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer | Rhode Island Couple Boudoir Photographer | New York Couple Boudoir Photographer
Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer | Rhode Island Couple Boudoir Photographer | New York Couple Boudoir Photographer
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It is very important that we have a consultation whether done in person or remotely. This will give us an opportunity to chat all the couple's boudoir things, what you envision, what to expect and the process.

determine the tone of your session

Whether you are looking to do something steamy or modest. We need to determine what tone you want of your session. We can discuss what you are comfortable with and what your boundaries may be. All foreplay that happens during the session is implied.

bring multiple outfits

There will be opportunities for outfit changes, so, definitely take advantage of them. Bring a few outfit options based on what we discussed. If you change your mind on something, you can quickly change and make adjustments as you go along.

I will coach you

It's my job to capture the chemistry between you and your partner. You may be worried that you won't know how to pose or what to do during your session. Don't worry, I will coach you and give prompts when needed. I will guide you throughout the entire session. I will observe how the two of you interact and play off of that to capture those organic intimate moments.

Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer | Rhode Island Couple Boudoir Photographer | New York Couple Boudoir Photographer