I used to hate being in front of the camera—if I’m being honest, I had no self-esteem or confidence until my early twenties. There is nothing worse than that feeling of not feeling beautiful or good enough.

No matter how many times your friends, family, and partner tell you how beautiful you are—you still struggle to believe it.

That was definitely me…until I started taking photos of myself. How can I ask my clients to get in front of a camera I refused to get in front of?

That couldn’t be me anymore, I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone + I couldn’t believe the end result.

At the end of the day, we all have insecurities + flaws but what makes us even beautiful is when we embrace our insecurities and face them head on.

Society has embedded us with what beauty and sexy is supposed to look like and I am here to tell you society is wrong. No matter your background or body type, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

I am big on empowering other women, helping them own their crown + beauty.

I say, “Fuck you” to what society tells me what I’m supposed to look like.

Because I know how intimidating these boudoir sessions can be, I have completed a complete guide that will help walk you through every step of your session. From what to buy, what flatters your body type to prepping a few days before your session.

Book with Viva Por Ti Photography and let me, Dominique, empower you + show you how beautiful you truly are! •⠀⠀