From her first birth to her last time experiencing birth; I have been privileged to be allowed into her birth space.

Ebony had a free birth which is often called an unassisted childbirth. Which is giving birth to a baby away from a hospital, at home, and without the presence of any medical staff or other professional birth attendants.

On Tuesday, January 7th, I arrived at Ebony’s house at 7:45 pm. As I entered the house, her and her husband were watching tv. Violet was down for the night, and her contractions at this point were five minutes apart.

Soon after my arrival two of her close friends arrived, Rebecka and Chelsea. Due to the excitement of having us all there, Ebony’s contractions slowed down but were still intense.

There were moments of sharing birth stories, smiles, laughter and even tears—especially since this is Ebony’s last time experiencing birth.

There were moments were the room grew silent as we watched Ebony experience the beauty and pain of labor.

As I sat quietly, to be present but not intrusive; to be sure to capture the power, beauty, and mystery of birth.

There were times that Ebony would express some doubt but that would immediately be washed away by her partner and her two friends.

Throughout this time, her contractions grew closer together and way more intense.

On January 8, 2020, Ebony and Justin welcomed their baby to earthside.

We truly captured all the beauty, pain, and emotion of giving birth.

Thank you, Ebony, for trusting me to capture your first and last birth. You + your beautiful family will forever have a special place in my heart.

With forever love, Dominique

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