Rebecca & Cory | Home-birth after Hospital birth


These are the first words that came to me when it comes to describing this beautiful birth story.

On July 17, 2021 at 6:10 am, I received a text from Rebecca stating, "Didn't sleep well most of the night. Contractions are staying consistent and getting more painful. I think there's a good chance this baby is coming this weekend." Rebecca and I chatted briefly via texts and I asked all my questions to give myself an idea on how soon we would be welcoming their new babygirl to earth side. I also expected it would be soon because Rebecca was at 41 weeks. We had left it off that she would contact me if contractions picked up or gotten stronger.

I was texting to tell her that I had a wedding I was getting ready for but if needed, I would find an associate photographer to cover me if things pick up throughout the day. Before I knew it or even finished my text, Rebecca was calling at 7:10 am, and that's how I knew it was "TIME." Which was shortly confirmed by the sound of her voice.

I immediately reached out to one of my photographer friends who had agreed to cover my wedding, contacted my bride to reassure her everything would run just as smooth, and I started to get all my stuff together to head to Rebecca and Cory's house.

I arrived at 8:18 am, and Rebecca was already it her birth pool. Her husband, Cory, was right by her her water, and had his hands gently placed on her arm.

I started shooting immediately because I felt momma's birth was moving rapidly.

Since the birth was moving so rapidly, the room was silent with soft music playing in the background.

I documented the sacred and intimate moments between momma and dad. The closeness between them was such a beautiful experience to witness. From how gently dad had his hands placed on momma, reassuring momma, and listening to her needs. The love that filled their living room was such a powerful force.

There was this point when Momma started feeling defeated, and made statements such as, "I can't do this, I am tired, Come on baby, come on." Her midwives let her know that she is doing it. Which she truly was and doing it so beautifully-but there was this moment I could feel that momma needed to hear something different.

I said very quietly, "You are powerful."

Which momma truly was so powerful--the way she was trusting in her body and enduring the sacred moments of labor. It was so beautiful to see. Dad got momma some fruit which gave momma the extra energy she needed before their sweet baby's arrival.

Momma transitioned from the birth pool to the couch which is where momma gave birth.

At 10:03 am, Dad was able to catch his babygirl as she made her arrival to earth side.


All of these words describes these images because you aren't just able to relive it but feel it too.

This home-birth after hospital birth left momma feeling empowered, transformative, and POWERFUL!

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