This is My Warrior Momma

She would like to remain anonymous and only limited photos will be shared. Since she would like to remain anonymous I will be referring to her as “warrior momma.”

She contacted me during her last few weeks of pregnancy, hoping I was booking especially because of COVID-19.

We chatted a lot via email until we were able to schedule a FaceTime consultation to go over her birth plan.

This woman was a go with the flow type of lady—and super laid back!

Warrior Momma surpassed her due date and I was getting anxious due to me moving.

Welp guess what? I got that text message right in the mist of me moving into my new apartment.

When I arrived, she had a house full of close loved ones and two women who specialize in chakra healing.

Warrior Momma was laboring beautifully and VERY fast.

Before I knew it, her baby boy was welcomed to earth side with a room filled with joy, love and admiration.

This birth + client will always hold a special place in my heart because of the wonderful gift I received while being present at this birth.

The two women who specializes in chakra healing and therapy gave me something I will forever hold on too. (story below for anyone who didn’t get to read it)

They were doing their thing with me—mid cleansing Amy stopped to ask me a question...

Amy: Do you have a grandmother whom you were close with that passed away?

Me: ah...yeah...(completely blown away)

Amy: she wants you to know she’s with you and she’s always looking over you.

Me: speechless

After they finished doing their thing—Amy apologized if she had upset me but she is a medium and my grandmother was very admit about getting through.

I never met either one of these women before so for her to randomly say it, I knew it was true.

Sometimes it’s complete strangers who give you the most wonderful gifts. Being invited into a woman’s birthplace is something I do not take lightly.

Each and every single one of my birth clients mean something close to me.

Plus, what else would bring two people closer than the one who photographs the day your child was welcomed to earth side.

With love,

Your Forever Photographer