The term Boudoir literally means “a woman’s private room” so immediately people assume these sessions are for only women. In the nineteenth century, noblewomen were known to use their private rooms to be entertained and where she could do whatever she pleased.

Couple Boudoir is an upcoming genre that focuses on the interaction between a woman and her partner while still maintaining our classy sensual style. Our couple boudoir sessions focus on the connection, love, and intimacy that two souls share.

Hiring Viva Por Ti Photography is a unique way to show your intimacy, playfulness and personality. Viva Por Ti Photography can capture the one-of-a-kind spark and sexual tension between you and your partner in a classic sensual way. It could be the way your partner looks at you or the way you two kiss. A couple boudoir session will reinforce what’s special about your bond and bring you closer.

Viva Por Ti Photography has three different investment packages that range on how “heated” you would like your Couple Boudoir Session to be.


We will focus on gentle cuddles between you + your partner. This session is intimate and sensual, but it is not revealing.


If you want to show more heat in your relationship, the “spicy” is the right one for you. Mainly focused on lingerie, the images are more sensual than those in Lemon&Herbs, but you will still be able to show them to your best friends.


If what you are looking for is photos that will underline the passion that runs between you and your partner and you are not shy of showing some skin, the “passionate” is for you. Always retaining our classy sensual style, these images are intense and unique.


If you are one of those who have always wanted an intimate, yet classy experience with your significant other, this is your opportunity. 

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