Barn on Benson's Pond


SEPTEMBER 10, 2022


Barn on Benson's Pond

A secluded and exclusive venue with 40 acres of glistening natural cranberry bogs. Benson's Pond is located on the property as well giving you an area surrounded by fields and woodland views.

fall wedding palette

Dusty Moss
Dusty Antique Blush Pink

bride's bouquet + wedding flowers

The wedding flowers were muted boho color tones with the bride's bouquet including; roses, organic and loose textured greenery, berries, and lots of texture!

Alone time

Miranda and Ben needed to have alone time during their special day, which was important to them. They planned a beautiful gift-giving moment which was only shared with the couple and the photography/video team. During golden hour, the couple and photography team headed outside for some portraits.

Fall wedding details with vow books, rings, and bouquet.
Reception details at the Barn on Benson's Pond
Wedding details at the Barn on Benson's Pond

Where do I begin to explain all that was felt and seen on September 10, 2022, between these two beautiful souls: Miranda and Ben? As soon as I arrived, I immediately fell in love with all the decor, details, and excitement I witnessed amongst the couple and loved ones. Miranda felt all the wedding jitters as she finished her final touches of getting ready. Miranda and Ben opted for a first touch which consisted of holding hands, reading their vows, and sharing a toast. Miranda wasn't the only one who needed tissues. Hearing Ben's voice and the feel of his touch helped wash all those jitters Miranda was feeling. She doesn't like being the center of attention, and as you all know, on your wedding day, all eyes are on you. These two had one goal: to soak up all their love, have alone time, and celebrate love. The ceremony was beautiful: between the officiant's words, the prayers, the letter reading, and the sand ceremony, everything was perfect. After the outdoor ceremony, Miranda and Ben exchanged gifts. Miranda gave Ben this customized axe with a wooden box that was engraved. I could've stayed in that moment forever with them, but I gave them time alone. The rest of the evening was filled with love, laughter, and smiles that were contagious to everyone. You couldn't help but dance and sing along to all the music. 


first touch

Bride and Groom having a first touch experience at the barn on Benson's Pond
Bride and groom reading their vows during the first touch at their Barn on Benson's Pond Wedding
A champagne toast between bride and groom sharing a toast before they say i do



Gift exchange between bride and groom at the Barn on Benson's Pond
The one my soul follows wedding photographer at the Barn on Benson's Pond
Bride and Groom exchanging gifts at the Bridal suite at the Barn on Benson's Pond.



Bride and Groom formal portraits during golden hour at the Barn on Benson's Pond
bride and groom formal portraits during golden hour at the Barn on Benson's Pond
Bride and groom portraits at their wedding at the Barn on Benson's Pond

First touch

Miranda and Ben's first touch experience was unique just for them. I built the anticipation up for the first touch, I teased them on how beautiful/handsome they looked, and I had to tell Miranda 'no peeking'. After they touched, they shared their vows to one another that was filled with smiles, laughs, and lots of tears. They ended with sharing a champagne toast and I left them alone to have some private time without cameras.

Bride & Groom gift exchange

I could've stayed in this moment with them forever. They exchanged sentimental gifts to one another and shared many loving words.

Latvian salt ceremony

This is a Wedding tradition in many Slavic, other European cultures and in Middle Eastern cultures. As a bread and salt wedding tradition, the bride and groom eat the bread and salt which symbolizes that they will never go without and have the abundance of what they need.

Golden hour portraits

For Miranda and Ben, it was important for them to have time for just the two of them. Their family was on the larger side so we planned to only do family/bridal portraits during cocktail hour and focused only on them during golden hour. It was a beautiful evening and you can feel their love in every photo.

"We had the best experience working with Dominique as our wedding photographer. She is so personable, uplifting, and so much fun to be around. Not to mention she does absolutely stunning work. Me and my husband were both so nervous about being in front of the camera, but she helped us relax and have so much fun with it. She definitely captured who we are, which was so important to us, and we love her editing style as well. She got so many special shots, did a great job “herding” all of our family during the portraits which was no easy feat, and helped us set the time line and prioritize our day. We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to capture our special day."


Wedding at the Barn on Benson's Pond with a Bride and Groom outside after their ceremony.