Treat yourself to a boudoir session

Investing in the choice to book a boudoir session is one of the ultimate gifts you could ever give yourself. The reason being is that a boudoir session is so much more than your typical photoshoot: it is an experience. A boudoir experience that will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and comfortable in your skin. Booking a boudoir session allows you to put yourself first. Many can relate when I say this; we often put the wants and needs of our loved ones above our own. It is not too often that one can take time just for them and get away from everyday life demands. A boudoir session allows you to take time away to celebrate yourself and who you are in this present time. Whether you are beaming with confidence or struggling, the boudoir experience will give you a new level of self-assurance you didn't know you needed.  



Recognize that you are enough just the way you are

All too often we tear ourselves apart when we look in the mirror. We often see flaws that another person may not notice. Sometimes life throws things a way that makes us feel defeated. Boudoir photography allows you to see how beautiful you are.

Step outside your comfort zone

We often get intimidated when we hear about boudoir photography. By doing a boudoir session, you are challenging yourself to do something you wouldn't normally do. Not one of my clients has ever regretted doing a boudoir session. I hear more often, "I wish I did that sooner."

Enjoy a day of being pampered

We all deserve self-care time by being pampered and feeling like a goddess. The boudoir experience is so much more than just the sexy wardrobe, it's getting pampered with professional makeup and hair.

book your boudoir session today with viva

The boudoir experience is created to honor and celebrate who you are in this moment. Viva will create a custom experience and will assist with styling based on how sensual you want your session to be. Viva's number one mission is for you to walk out of our studio with a level of confidence you didn't know existed. All too often do we look in the mirror and focus on what is wrong with our bodies. With boudoir, you get to see yourself in a different light. You get to see how beautiful, sexy, empowering, and fierce you are.