Viva's wedding shot list


Each wedding that is photographed is unique to you and your partner. These are definitely not the only shots I will get, but these are the ones that are included in most weddings. This will give you an idea of what is typically photographed during a wedding. Viva will also ask you to create your own list if you have specific photo requests that you have to have.


Your wedding day is unique to you and your partner, but one thing that I find that is usually common is all the details that go into planning and selecting the items chosen for your wedding day. Each floral, design, color and all the other special details make your day the way you dreamed of it. You have done so much planning and put so much love and soul into your wedding day, why not begin your day by capturing those details? I love when clients have me start off with capturing their wedding details. I feel this starts with getting me in the groove and also gives me time to get familiar with your loved ones so they can get used to having someone with a camera around. Your wedding details don't have to just be what is listed below for the "detail box" because as your wedding photographer, I want you to make these unique to you and your partner (for example, maybe a heirloom piece).

How much time should you plan for capturing these details? I would say It is important that you plan 30 to 45 minutes for photographing details.

the ultimate wedding photography shot list‎


Getting makeup done
Getting hair done
Putting on dress
Putting on the veil
Putting on jewelry
Putting on shoes
Putting on suit jacket


Ceremony site + details
Bridal party walking down the aisle
Groom's reaction
Bride's reaction
Exchanging of the rings
First kiss
Guest Reactions

Family Portraits

I don't like creating my own list of family portraits. The reason for this is that every family is different. I will chat with the two of you and help you design a list that is unique to you and your family.

Bridal party

Bride with bridesmaid
Groom with groomsmen
Bride with each bridesmaid
Groom with each groomsman
Entire bridal wedding party


Shot of rings
Groom only
Groom details
Bride only
Bride details
Bride and Groom together
*I don't have a specific list of poses I follow - it depends on the couple, the dress, etc. I also like to let things happen more naturally. If you have a specific pose that you've seen and love, just let me know! You can also create a Pinterest board for some inspiration.


Cake + Decoration details
Bridal Party entrance
Toasts and speeches
First Dance
Parent dances
Guests dancing
Cake cutting
Bouquet Toss
Grand exit

Let's chat about some unique things you can add to your wedding day

Your wedding day is meant to be unique for you and your partner because it's about the love you two share. It's about the vows and promises you make to one another. It's not about what anyone else wants but what the two of you want. You will have everyone telling you what the two of you should and shouldn't do but you must focus on what you two want. Here are some ideas that you can do to make your day even more special for the two of you!



I love the first touch because you can make this time so unique. Whether the two of you read your vows or a letter you write the night before your wedding, sharing your first toast, and hearing each other's voice to ease your nerves.


Are you not into the whole idea of doing the first look with your partner? That's okay, you could opt to do a first look with a sibling or a parent. The emotive imagery you will get will be something you hold onto forever!

Down the ceremony ideas/During the ceremony ideas

Dried Florals
Release Butterflies - symbolizes new beginnings and happiness
Release Doves - symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, everlasting love, and a peaceful home
Toss Oversized Glitter
Sequin Toss
Set off Confetti Poppers
Toss whole flowers with or without stems


Release Sky Lanterns
Blow Bubbles
Toss oversize eco-friendly glitter
Wave Glow Sticks
Throw Paper Airplanes
Wave Colorful Streamers
Release Balloons

If you are having a destination wedding or having a lot of guests coming from out of town, include a map of the area your wedding will be in your invitations. After all, your guests will most likely spend the whole weekend there!

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