So you’re thinking of a Boudoir session…

You’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed and admiring all the stunning boudoir photos. You've seen the confidence, sensuality, and empowerment emanating from the women in those images and you can’t help but feel inspired. And now, you’re considering taking the plunge and booking a boudoir session for yourself.

Excitement builds as you schedule your consultation and learn all the amazing aspects of a session. You can’t wait to experience it for yourself. But then, as you start to think about the cost, doubt begins to creep in. Is it really worth the investment? Maybe it’s more than you wanted to spend on photos.

We hear this response often. While we know everyone is at a different place financially, and we absolutely recognize that, we want you to remember that this is an investment in yourself.

And one that will last the rest of your life.

A boudoir photo investment is something that many of Viva Por Ti Photography clients will treat themselves to more than once. For others, it is a once in a lifetime investment. But whatever the case may be for you, know that this is an opportunity for you to give yourself a moment to feel loved, sexy, and empowered.

At our studio, we strive to ensure you feel like a QUEEN.

Your boudoir session experience will likely be the catalyst to rebuilding your life, launching a new career, starting over in a new place, or simply giving yourself the much-deserved self-love that you’ve longed for.

This isn’t just any photography session. It’s a moment centered on you and it is entirely about you showing up for yourself in a big and bold way.

There is no other type of photography that celebrates the entirety of you. From your journey to get to where you are today, to your path towards your most emboldened future.

Traditional photography sessions often consist of booking an appointment, deciding on outfits, showing up, and taking photos for 20-60 minutes. But a boudoir session is a photography experience unlike any other.

From the moment you book your consultation, Viva and her team are there with you. They will help you build a vision for your special day, select your outfits, and give you all the resources you need to feel confident and excited about your session.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve gone through all the details, you'll be invited to join their exclusive Facebook community. This community is full of empowered, excited, and motivating women from all walks of life and all across the globe, who have either experienced a session with Viva, or are planning to soon. These women will support you, give you ideas, and be a part of your experience. They will become a part of YOUR community.

Then, it’s session time.

Viva and her team will select a session time based on the ability to capture the best lighting possible, so that your photos can be perfect and you'll have a large selection to choose from.

Our sole focus for the entire day is on YOU. By devoting the entire day to one client, we ensure that the studio is clean and ready to go for you, we are well-rested to serve you best, and we have all the energy required to not only pose you throughout your session, but to think creatively on our feet - resulting in a more custom flow of your session with images that speak to your personal style.

During your session, you will feel supported, beautiful, and relaxed knowing that you are the only client they are working with that day. You have their full attention.

So, if you’re still second-guessing your decision to book a boudoir session, remember this: it’s a photography experience unlike any other. It’s a chance to celebrate your most authentic self and to give yourself the self-love and confidence you deserve. And at Viva's studio, you are more than just a client, you are a part of a supportive and empowering community that will lift you up every step of the way. So go ahead, schedule that consultation and get ready for a transformational experience that will last a lifetime.