Peaceful hypnobirthing in Massachusetts

The hypnobirthing method consists of techniques that include relaxation, breathing, visualization, and meditation.
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Massachusetts Birth Photographer HypnoBirth in Birthing Center
Massachusetts Birth Photographer HypnoBirth documenting the powerful and sacred moments surrounding birth photography

I was looking forward to this Hypnobirth for months.

As time passed, I became worried, and mama was approaching 42 weeks with no signs of labor. I had a wedding planned at the end of the week and never thought I would have to consider finding a backup.

On Monday, Maria's morning consisted of working from home and the doctor's appointment at 11 am. I was anxiously waiting for an update which subsided when I received a call from Maria at 11:50 am, stating it was time to head to the hospital. I immediately became excited, grabbed my camera bag, and got in my car to leave for the hospital.

When I arrived at Winchester Hospital, Maria was in the tub filled with warm water with contractions two to three minutes apart. There was laughter that initially filled her room but began to morph into concentrated breathing and quietness. Maria had two amazing doulas from Boston Birth Associates: Mari and Kaleigh. Mari and Kaleigh were not only her advocates but also caring, compassionate, and emotionally supportive. They held her hand, encouraged her, braided her hair, made her laugh, and so much more. At one point, Maria's labor started to slow down. As Maria's labor slowed down, this was the time to allow her to rest, and she listened to exactly what her body needed. 

The doulas turned off all the lights, turned on calming music, and read her a script in a relaxing tone that could put her to sleep. As time passed, Maria wanted to get back in the water—she found that being in the water made the contractions more tolerable. She described contractions in and outside the water as like night and day. She said, "every woman should be allowed this experience."

Once mama went back inside her room, Mari and Kaleigh assisted with some nice rebozo pulls. Maria was handling labor like a professional. I called her superwoman during her pregnancy, and now I see why. Maria made embracing the pain look so powerful and beautiful. At 11:57 pm, Maria and Juan welcome their beautiful daughter, Ocean, to the earthside. I cannot be more blessed and thankful that I was allowed to witness this beautiful Labor of Love.

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