home birth in MASSACHUSETTS 

This mama, I will call, warrior mama. This beautiful mama would like to remain anonymous, and only limited photos will be shared. She contacted me during her last few weeks of pregnancy, hoping I was booking, mainly because of COVID-19. We chatted a lot via email until we could schedule a FaceTime consultation to discuss her birth plan. This woman was a go-with-the-flow type of lady—and super laid back! Warrior Momma surpassed her due date, and I was getting anxious due to my move. Welp guess what? I got that text message right while I was in the midst of moving into my new apartment.

When I arrived, she had a house full of close loved ones and two women specializing in chakra healing. Warrior Momma was laboring beautifully and very fast. Before I knew it, her baby boy had arrived on earth's side with a room filled with joy, love, and admiration. This birth and client will always hold a special place in my heart because of the beautiful gift I received while being present at this birth. The two women specializing in chakra healing and therapy gave me something I will never forget. They were doing their thing with me—mid cleansing Amy stopped to ask me a question.

Amy: Do you have a grandmother whom you were close with that passed away?

Me: ah...yeah...(completely blown away)

Amy: she wants you to know she's with you, and she's always looking over you.

Me: speechless

After they finished doing their thing—Amy apologized if she had upset me, but she is a medium, and my grandmother admitted to getting through. I had never met either of these women before, so for her to say it randomly, I knew it was true. Sometimes it's strangers who give you the most beautiful gifts. Being invited into a woman's birthplace is something I do not take lightly. As a birth photographer, these are very sacred and transformative moments that leave my heart full.