Birth Photography is on the raise. We photograph so many other special moments: weddings, baptisms, birthdays and other special moments. But why not photograph one of the most important days of your life? The day your child is born. The day woman are born into mothers. Whether it’s the first, second or third time. Our babies only stay little for a short time. I can list a ton of reasons why you should consider birth photography but here are several main reasons...

1. Memories

I cannot think of anything better then pulling out photos of the day I brought my tiny babies into this world. Especially when I’m older and my baby is older. Often times for moms or dads the labor and delivery process can be a blur. With Birth Photography the photographer captures every vivid detail. Their first cry, their first latch, the first time locking eyes with your new bundle of joy.

2. Details

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of birth photography. Birth photographers are able to capture all the details that you may miss or your partner may miss. Friends and families are patiently waiting to hear the news, tender moments with your significant other. Hiring me to be your birth photographer will allow you be able to relive all the big and small moments surrounding your birth story.

3. Able to focus on yourself

Having a baby is hard work, labor and delivery is intense. Every birth story is different and unique in their own way. You are able to focus on yourself and the process of you being born into becoming a mother. It takes the pressure off and you don’t have to worry what moments are being captured.

4. Support

Hiring a birth photographer frees up your significant other and/or other support . This gives dad or partner an opportunity to be in the pictures instead of the one taking them. Your spouse is able focus on you + your needs.

5. Quality images

While yes smartphones are able to capture the basic shots it cannot compare to the quality of what a birth photographer can do. Hospital lighting isn’t the greatest but with a pro, we are equipped to adapt. Us as professionals will know how to work to ensure you the most beautiful candid photos that you can keep forever.

6. Professionalism

Not only do we provide excellent quality photos, we know how to remain professional in the birthing environment. As a birth photographer, we know the flow of birth and know how to position ourselves so we are not in the way and still be able to capture those sweet tender moments!

7. Best Postpartum Gift

Besides being able to bring your new baby home, getting your birth photos back might be the best gift to have. Especially when having a newborn, your life alters and sleep deprivation begins. Those late nights your up with baby, you’ll be able to look back your birth photos and the feels will come rushing back.

The stories of women being born into mothers!